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Option 1: Hire Us To Help

Save time and effort. We will determine if you have an amenable defense to fight your defective parking ticket.

If you choose to research your parking ticket defense strategy in the end you will still only be able to make an educated guess about your chances for success. It is not easy to beat a parking ticket in New York City without expert representation.

For only 30% of money saved will will study your ticket and appear at an in person hearing on your behalf.

If we don't win, you don't pay!

Our experience has shown that in-person hearings are the most effective means to fight defective parking tickets. You can improve your chances of winning by hiring a parking ticket expert to defend you in person.


30% of amount reduced

Option 2: Do It Yourself

You can fight parking tickets and beat them but your chances improve with expert representation in court.

To learn if you have a defective parking ticket, you could:

Or, save time and stop guessing. Simply purchase our in person hearing. We recommend you hire us for an in-person hearing at the Department of Finance with an Administrative Law Judge. If we don't beat your defective parking tickets you don't pay the in-person hearing fee.

Disclaimer: The information we provide to dispute your own parking ticket is not legal advice.

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  1. Let Us Dispute Your Parking Tickets

    Let Us Dispute Your Parking Tickets


    Let Us Fight Your Parking Tickets

    Risk free offer!

    We will fight your parking tickets for a flat fee of 30% of the amount reduced. If we can't get your parking tickets dismissed or reduced we refund your payment, no questions asked.

    Please note the required information below is marked with an asterisk(*):

    • Please agree to terms
    • Agree to send picture of registration
    • Agree to fax notarized authorization form
    • Select the state for your license plate
    • Provide your license plate number(s)
    • A defense statement is optional but recommended
    • Select the base fine amount and quantity of each ticket type
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